how to play the game

Humans vs Zombies: Apocalypse is a Free to Play Online Multiplayer Strategy Game with some elements of a Tower Defense genre, available for Mobile Devices from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Resources are obtained over time by frequently collecting them at the center of your town and also collecting bonuses that randomly appear across town as a result of a battle. Also, when you attack and win a battle, you get a lot of resources and a chance to obtain a Loot Chest.

You don't have to spend any money to play and to win in the game, it is completely free.

Free to Play. Free to Win. No build times. Pure Strategy.

The Basics

The main objective of the game is to defeat other players around the world by destroying the Empowered Crystal at the center of their Towns.

In order to do so, you will have different units and abilities are your disposal and you will command them to attack.

The only question you will have to ask yourself is, what side do you want to join? Humans or Zombies?

Protect your Town

Remember, the game goes in both directions, and the same way you attack other players, they will attack your town as well. One thing to keep in mind is the "Revenge" feature, and that gives a bonus in resources and luck when a player goes on Revenge to attack a player that just attacked their town.

So, keep your town well protected and adjust the type and positioning of units to make the defense more effective. Units and traps can be placed anywhere on the map as long as it is inside the main perimeter and also not too close to the main crystal at the center of town (you will see a red-dotted perimeter around it with labels indicating "DO NOT PASS")

If a player destroys the main crystal of your town, you will lose a match and also will lose an "Empowered Crystal" that you have earned. So basically if you don't get good protection for your town, you might end up with zero Empowered Crystals and also landing at the bottom of the World Rankings.


You can attack other players or play the Missions we prepared for you (more missions will be added later in a regular basis).

Before you attack, you either need to find a match (enemy player) or select a mission. Then, you will be presented with the "Building Army" screen, where you can increase or decrease the number of units that you want to bring to the battle.

Make sure you have enough Ability Tokens before starting a battle, otherwise your attack will rely on units alone.

As a reminder, you can spawn your units outside of the main perimeter of the town (red-dotted line by the last street in the outskirts of town). But, abilities can be casted anywhere.